I am always looking for old stereoviews, stereocards, stereoscopes, stereographs, stereoviewers, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, cdvs! Whether they be in lots, complete or partial boxed sets, or just bulk collections i am interested!


Magic lanterns, glass lantern slides in the 4 x 3 1/4" or UK type formats 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" , wood slides,  mechanical slides and slip slides and then everything in between like wood storage boxes or blank glass that was never used! If you have a neat magic lantern of European origin please email me a picture too!

Tabletop & pedestal & handheld viewers like Beckers, Unis, Taxiphote, Richard Verascope, London Stereoscopic Co. etc! There are so many from the 1860-1920 era that if you have something interesting or just old please let me know!

Biunial , triunial, bi-unial, tri-unial, double magic lantern, dual magic lanterns, ceramic magic lantern, lanterna magica, Kinora, Polychrome magic lantern, Bing, Falk, Plank, Schoenner, Aubert, Lapierre, Chadwick, Newton, Dannhorn, Marcy, Wrench, Ensign, Primus Junior, PROJEKTION FÜR ALLE, silhouette slide, Wheel of Life,  interchangeable slide, astronomy astronomical slide, Benetfink slide, mechanical slide, slipping slide, dissolving view, dissolving slide, chromatrope , DOUBLE SLIPPING SLIDE, LEVER SLIDE , SINGLE PULLEY SLIDE, RACKWORK SLIDE, CYCLOIDOTROPE, kaleidoscope slide, Pettibone Peacock Sciopticon magic lantern, Marcy Sciopticon, MC Lilley, Henderson and Ames, oil burners & lamps, Keystone Tour of the World 600, Keystone Tour of the World 1200, Keystone History, Keystone Primary, Keystone Stereoscopic Library, Underwood & Underwood, Underwood The World Visualized, HC White, NA Forsyth, Kilburn, Lynn Skeels, Globe View Company, Corte-Scope, Stereo-Travel , Anthony, Savage, Carter, Thurlow, Jackson, Hillers, Zimmermann, GWW, Gardner, Muybridge, Houseworth, London Stereoscopic, Ferrier Soulier, Leon & Levy, FJ Haynes, Edward Curtis, Gardner stereoviews, WH Jackson, Taber,  Hillers, Taylor & Huntington, CIVIL WAR stereoviews, Tipton, Brady, Wheeler, O'Sullivan, diableries, Soule, box stereoview set, book set, Realistic Travels, Rau, Wheeler, , Bierstadt glass stereoview , Frith, Frank Good, Weitfle, AJ Russell, Taxiphote, Unis, Becker, Richard Verascope, Corte-scope, Watkins, Alfred A Hart, JJ Reilly, Whitings, Anthony, Beckers, Brewster, Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, Gaumont, Holmes, Langenheim, Centennial View, Mattey, Graphoscope, Mutoscope, Planox, Educa, Jules Richard, Beck, Rotoscope, Scultoscope, stereographoscope, glass plate, advertising slide, movie slide, theatre slide, SONG SLIDES, Scott Van Altena glass slide, Floor model viewer, tabletop viewer, caile, lantern viewer, stereoviews, glass slides, autochromes, 1876 Centennial Exposition stereoview, 1884 New Orleans Exposition stereoview, JA nude, glass stereoview slide, expedition stereoview, reference magic lantern books, Darlot Paris lens, optical catalogs, lantern slide tape, magic lantern old un-used stock, daguerreotype, ambrotype, cdvs, tin types, LANGENHEIM GLASS STEREOVIEW, LANGENHEIM MAGIC LANTERN SLIDE etc.

Library & Museum, college & school or business , de-acquisition, deacquisition, deaccession , de-accession, de-selection, deselection, construction, downsizing, damaged, un-claimed property , auction, moving sale please email or send us a list & price of collection or availability of magic lantern glass slides or stereoview & stereoptic items. Any curator or person in charge of such sale , auction or private bidding in the future please keep us in mind! We are interested in archive / archives & collection / collections of any size and condition.

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